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A Look Back & Look Forward

Hello 2020! We are excited and ready for you! 2019 you were so good to us! But before we say goodbye to another year of life lived, we want to reflect on the memories and milestones that led Artistry to where we are today.

2019 was a year of growth, knowledge and reward. Some of the standout events that marked the year for Artistry were competing in 10 competitions and conventions throughout the year in which our dancers won numerous awards and recognitions, attending incredible dance events including DancerPalooza in Los Angeles and the Break the Floor VIP Retreat in Paris, hosting 2 Intensive events and multiple Master Class Series, holding 2 team outing events, welcoming new and and talented staff members, as well as hosting our second annual showcase at the beautiful Hemmens Cultural Center.

We are excited to watch our alumni continue to do inspiring and amazing things as they enter the new chapters of their lives. So many of our alumni visit, guest teach, support at competitions and send well wishes. We love the love our alumni continues to pour into Artistry.

Our parents are as amazing as ever. The dance season is well...full. We are always blown away by the never-ending energy and support our dance parents provide. Giving space to let the art of dance enrich your child's life is such a gift. We are thankful for you!

Our team this year is cohesive and strong. We are so proud of each of them. Their commitment to this art form and to their team is sincere and powerful. We cannot wait to watch them hit the stage for the first time in 2020. We enter 2020 with openness and excitement and cannot wait to watch these talented and caring dancers pursue their dreams further.

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