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Positive Ways Dance has Helped Me

By: Teagan Anderson

There are many pressures on the shoulder of most high school students today. Tough academic responsibilities, social pressures, concerns about college and post graduation plans are just some of the stressors a high school student may feel. Dance can offer many positive benefits for high school students and has helped me in many ways.

Dance is something that I use as an outlet to escape from all the stress of school and life in general. The creative venue that dance offers has given me a space to express my emotions and help me be a little more at peace. If I am having a tough day, I love coming into the studio and just letting my emotions out through my movement. Not only does dance allow me to escape from my worries, it also helps me express myself and my emotions through movement.

Dance has brought so many amazing and positive people into my life, and has brought me many friendships that I will hold onto forever. As a competitive dancer at a private dance studio as well as a varsity high school dance team member, I have met many incredible people. When you have a common passion for something that bond is unique and strong. We push each other through the hard practices, we encourage each other when we don't know if we can get that new skill, and we celebrate the wins and gains together.

Dance has also brought exciting opportunities into my life. I have had the opportunity to travel and compete across the country. I have gained leadership skills that have helped me accomplish some of my goals including being an active member of the National Honors Society at Jacobs High School. I have also been a peer leader at my dance studio, helping dancers as young as 5 years old learn new skills and find their love for dance. I have learned how to audition, interview and have the confidence to go for my dreams. A big dream of mine was to continue my dancing career at a collegiate level. I am very proud to say that I have accomplished this goal and will be attending Miami University this fall as a psychology major as well as a Miami University dance team member. There are so many positive benefits from dance that have change your life for the better.


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