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What Makes a Good Leader at a Dance Studio?

By: Sofia Gumucio

A good leader that is able to help everyone can be hard to find. By definition leadership means one’s ability to lead a person or group of people. Many different aspects go into being a good leader within life, but what makes a good leader at a dance studio?

Within a dance studio there are a variety of ages and emotions that need to be taken into consideration. I think that within a studio, good leaders are able to communicate with their peers and come to a solution that attempts to benefit everyone. There will be conflict among the group, but it’s the leader's job to look at the situation as a whole and then assess. Leadership can be a natural trait someone has, but it’s also something that can be developed.

I have had experience with assisting classes/rehearsals. I think that inorder to be a good leader within a dance studio you need to listen to your peers. It does not matter what you think is right, or what’s personally best for you, but rather what’s best for the group as a whole.

Another thing that creates a good leader within the studio is the ability to lead a group of dancers without acting above them. Most of the time within a dance studio you are surrounded by your peers, who may be the same age as you. It is important to lead the group with the same respect your teachers show you. Just because you are in a power position doesn’t mean you can abuse it.

Being able to help others even when you aren’t truly leading a rehearsal is another thing that makes a good leader within a dance studio. Oftentimes people within a studio will turn to someone they trust to help them with choreography. A good leader will help them without thinking twice and may even share some advice that helped them pick up the choreography. In my mind a good leader is selfless and will do anything to help.


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