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Building a Dream

When Artistry Dance & Company headed into its first full season last summer, I was hopeful, anxious and excited. I could have never imagined 28 wonderful dancers joining the company. These dancers are a great blessing and give me unbridled joy everyday I get to be part of their lives. Providing these dancers and future dancers a space to blossom became the ultimate goal. I knew that the original plan of renting space from multiple local businesses was not going to adequately serve the company members and their families. I began researching spaces and locations and prepared for the time the doors of Artistry Dance & Co. would open.

It was a goal from the beginning creation phases of the space to be very personal and reflective of the mission of Artistry Dance & Co. Inspiring art pieces, treasured quotes, company dancer photographs, and an abundance of space to allow my team to dance, learn and continually develop into enriched, passionate young adults was all a part of the vision.

First and foremost, for Artistry to be successful, I knew a great location was vital. One of the things I love most about the studio is the ease and access it provides; located right off Route 31 and I-90. I fell in love with the community and local businesses surrounding us that include a large shopping mall, restaurants, and other retailers. Parents can drop their dancers off and have something to do. There is ample parking, a very secure parking lot and people bustling around everywhere. Exposure is great, but the added bonuses of the area were the selling points for me. I knew I had found the perfect home for Artistry.

Once we found our beautiful spot, I knew construction would be exciting, stressful and a bit of an unknown. I have never owned or built a business, so this was a first. Luckily the construction team was awesome and my husband, Jeff, was eager and willing to make all my visions real. We built two dance rooms that have the ability to open into one large space. This is ideal for multiple classes or when we have production and large group practice. I choose cork flooring because of its natural, renewable and anti-microbial qualities, soft relaxing paint colors, a professional music system and a brand new heating and air conditioning system to ensure our dancers have the best quality experience.

It was important to provide an area for our dancers to relax and rest during their break times. A lounge area with comfortable seating, toys,TV, movies, storage and homework desks were included in the build-out. This is a great area for the team to be social and enjoy each others company. A chalk board wall was installed to encourage our younger dancers to use their imagination and create some original art.

The last area created is perhaps my favorite. I wanted Artistry Dance & Co. to feel warm and inviting as soon as you walk in the door, so a lot of effort and thought was put into the front waiting area design. Video monitors were installed in both dance rooms so our parents and families could watch their dancer in class without distraction. A beautiful rustic farm desk and high top table were built by Jeff and my step-son Michael. They are just perfect for the space and functional pieces of furniture. Gorgeous pendant lighting, an art wall complete with our company photographs, a custom metal art piece, coat racks, quaint farm benches, a repurposed barn door and leather chairs make the space hospitable and cozy. Lastly, my favorite element in the whole space is our coffee bar. Teachers and parents alike are able to enjoy a cup of coffee and relax while they watch their kids do what they love.

Building a home for Artistry Dance & Co has truly been a dream. I am delighted to announce that all the work has resulted in a wonderful space for us in Carpentersville, Illinois. The studio location and build-out captures the essence of the vision, and I am excited to finally have a space to enhance the Artistry experience with current and future students.

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