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Competition Season has Begun!

A few weeks ago Artistry Dance & Company attended our first competition of the 2017-2018 season; JUMP Dance Competition and Convention in Rosemont, Illinois. Our dancers really had a wonderful experience.

Ten of our dancers attended the workshops all weekend in the JUMPstart, Mini, Junior and Teen rooms. Our dancers were able to take class from some of the best teachers and choreographers in the business including Katy Spreadbury, Wade Robson, Misha Gabriel, Mike Minery, Nika Kljun, Erica Marr, Colby Shinn, Kirsten Russell and Akira Uchida. JUMP is the largest dance convention in the world, touring 26 cities with dancers traveling from all over the world to compete and take class. It was an intense weekend for our dancers filled with hard work, focus, pushing comfort zones and trying new things.

During the convention classes all of our dancers did extremely well; really invested into all of the training they received and learned so much. Artistry dancer Emma Nisi came strictly for the convention classes and boy did she have fun! In her first competitive dance year ever, Emma did wonderfully in a jam packed and busy weekend. Great job Emma!

We started the weekend off bright and early Friday morning with the JUMPstart and Junior competition. Everley Williams performed her solo “Zero to Hero” in the 5-7 age category and did a great job. She placed first in her division and earned a Gold. Artistry dancer Abigail Ibarra performed her very first solo “All I Want” in the Junior Contemporary division. Abby gave a strong technical performance and truly looked stunning on stage. A beautiful dancer inside and out, Abby earning a Gold. Lola Espinosa came to the stage with her first ever solo entitled “Burning Up”. Lola is a spitfire and it shows on stage! With great stage presence and fierceness Lola earned herself a Gold. Kaylie Kilgore performed her solo “Lightweight” also in the Junior Contemporary division. This is a year of growth for Kaylie as we push her outside her comfort zone with performance and emotion. Kaylie did great and earned a Gold for her performance. Artistry dancer Courtney Cerniglia competed her solo “Let It All Go” in the Teen Contemporary division. Courtney is a beautiful performer and very strong dancer and showed just that as she graced the stage. Courtney earned a Gold for her performance. Abby, Kaylie and Courtney also performed their Jazz Trio “Woman Up” choreographed by Amy Miles. The girls got their groove on and scored a Gold.

Early Sunday morning our Minis competed their solos and were on fire! Cami Kilgore came to life on stage with her solo “Bigger Is Better”. Cami is really finding her performance strength and getting into a larger-than-life character. Way to go Cami! Olivia Goldberg has a very challenging solo this season. It is a strong rock-n-roll inspired piece that Olivia is really growing into. Olivia looked like true rock star in her completely blinged out solo costume. (Thanks Cheri) Olivia earned herself a Gold. Finley Williams was our last solo of the weekend and did a tremendous job. Finley competed her first solo ever entitled “Mama Knows Best” in the Jazz Category and earned herself a High Gold and 10th Overall! A huge accomplishment for a first time soloist. Proud of all of you!

It was also wonderful to see our dancers not only dancing their hearts out this weekend but also bonding and growing in their friendships and support of one another. These weekends are about more than just dancing, performing and earning placements, they are about growing in your art and growing together as a team. These girls did just that! To conclude the weekend on a super high note Artistry dancers Cami Kilgore and Finley Williams earned Jazz, Lyrical and Contemporary Class Scholarships for showing great strength in these particular styles. It was a great way to end the weekend!

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