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Autumn at Artistry: New Season New Beginnings

We are one month into our competitive dance season and could not be happier. Our Artistry team consists of 31 passionate and talented dancers who truly support the growth of each other and the team as a whole. Our dancers are fully engaged in classes including Latin, Ballroom, Technique, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Floor Barre, Ballet, Pointe, and Pre-Pointe along with our Little Artists Creative Movement classes. 

Our ballet instructor, Jordan Mercer of the Chicago Repertory Ballet, has elevated the standard of ballet class. Bringing her poise and high standards to our dancers, we are excited to see the strength and grace she will bring to our dancers throughout the season. 

Ms. Nicki Niemet came in from Los Angeles to set our large group hip hop piece and it is fierce! Bringing back a blast-from-the-past song, Nicki has challenged these dancers and they are growing in their execution of movement and musicality. It is wonderful to see. Ms. Tiffany Krause came to us from Philadelphia to set a small group senior contemporary piece. It is intricate and powerful. Our dancers will grow in their story telling and artistry as they expand their dancing in the piece. Ms. Amy Miles also came in from Los Angeles and set one sassy and challenging trio for our dancers. I must say I was blown away by our dancers ability to learn Amy’s choreography so quickly and work so well with such a highly trained and working professional. Mr. Steven Spanopoulos, also known as “happy tappy”, is coming in next month to choreograph Artistry’s tap piece. We are excited to see the energy and professional experience he brings to our dancers.

Our junior and senior pieces are coming along nicely and we are thrilled to have an extended line this year. We are honored to be able to offer so many of our talented Artistry dancers solos this year and dedicate so much time to their individual training and growth. Solos are a great way for a dancer to be challenged individually and for an instructor and dancer to work together to customize a dancers technical and emotional growth in a season. 

Costumes have been designed and selected and we are loving them. Excited to see the vision come to life on stage. Some simple, some more extravagant but all of them beautiful and will add to each dance. 

Competitions for the season have also been selected including our very first national competition. All local, we are looking forward to taking Artistry dancers to two convention/competitions as well as regional competitions. Artistry is confident in the caliber of each of the competitions selected and know whole heartedly that our dancers will grow from each competition weekend this year. 

Our first Artistry photo shoot is set for next month and we cannot wait to see what professional dance photographer Ron McKinney can bring out from our dancers. When a parent is able to keep captured moments of their dancer forever in a photograph you know it is something worth doing. 

Artistry’s first all company sleepover of the season is coming up along with our big sister/brother little sister/brother reveal. I know how excited our dancers are for this! 

Reflecting on the beginning of the season and the stressors that come with starting a dance company, I am taken back by the support, patient and encouragement from the Artistry parents. Location and space has been one of the biggest challenges as we start this journey and each parent and family has been wonderfully understanding during this process. Artistry is excited to announce we will be moving into a permanent space in 2018. 

Many more exciting and fulfilling things going on here at Artistry Dance & Co and we are honored to be able to share them with our Artistry dancers and families. 

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