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Spring & Summer at Artistry

We are beyond excited for our spring and summer classes, workshops and intensives.

There is a variety of weekly classes to choose from and more to be added in the fall.

Little Artists Class: This one hour dance class is for all 3 - 6 year olds who love to dance and have fun. This class will focus on the technical aspects of ballet and jazz as well as bring lots of fun with themed class days including a Moana Luana, Ballerina day, Super Star day and a Princess Party. This class is Wednesdays from 5 - 6pm beginning May 31

Int/Adv. Ballet: This class will begin with floor barre and stretching and move on to a classical ballet class. During our spring session this class will run from 6 - 8pm and during the summer session we will expand it to a 3 hour class from 5 - 8pm with Ms. Jordan Mercer. Is a 3 hour ballet class really necessary? Yes it is! We plan to train our students hard this summer and get them to where they need to be going into the fall season. Ms Jordan comes to us with an extensive background in ballet and ballet training. She teaches in a strict ballet format and will be teaching some fun ballet variations at the end of our program. Dancers will grow and gain strength through this intense class. This class is on Tuesdays at 5pm beginning May 2.

Pointe/Pre-Pointe: Beginning in our summer session Ms. Jordan will be teaching our pointe and pre-pointe class. For our pre-pointe students, Ms. Jordan will focus on a foot strength-building program designed for pointe readiness. Our more advanced pointe students will learn and practice pointe barre work with emphasis on individual's correct foot and body alignment. This class is on Tuesdays from 8-9pm beginning July 11.

Contemporary & Jazz: These classes are offered throughout the week at Artistry and will allow our students to use and grow in their technique using an expressive, energetic and powerful range of motion. Ballet technique is an integral part of these classes and dancers technique will grow even more in these dynamic and stylized movements. These classes are Tuesdays 7 - 8pm beginning May 2 and Wednesdays 6 - 8pm beginning May 31.

Tech Class: This class will build off of prior knowledge and ability to develop precision and accuracy in technical skills. Students will also work on advanced skill combinations, multiple pirouette combinations and positions, advanced jumps, fouette variations, skill combinations that incorporate fast-paced instruction and more. This class is on Fridays from 6 - 8pm beginning May 26.

Private Lessons: Private one on one sessions are a great way for dancers to focus on individual growth and goals. With the full attention of the instructor so much is to gain from these sessions. All Artistry faculty members are available for private lessons. Please reach out to us to schedule yours today. 630.740.4922

Workshops & Intensives: Artistry has welcomed some of the most talented dance educators and choreographers this summer. Ms. Danielle Wilson will be joining us later this summer for a Jazz/Contemporary workshop. Ms. Amy Miles will also be joining us for a Contemporary Intensive. This July, Artistry is honored to be hosting Amanda and Brianna Dexl for an incredible Dance Intensive as well. Stay tuned for more information on these phenomenal dance opportunities!

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