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Weekends to Remember

There's a lot of time and energy put into choosing the right atmosphere and right dance

competition for our students. And there should be; considering how much time, preparation and

money that is put into each competition from our dancers and families. A main goal of Artistry Dance and Company is for our students to experience a compassionate and challenging environment during these competition weekends where they learn and grow in their art. It is without question that Nuvo Dance Convention supplies this experience.

This year at Nuvo, Artistry had two of our dancers attend; Alyssa Scarpiniti and Lauren Duenas.

We could not be prouder of how the girls did. They took each class with fresh new energy and

were determined to get all they could from each Nuvo faculty member. Although the convention

weekends are long the girls did not waiver. Both Lauren and Alyssa received scholarships at the

end of the weekend. Alyssa received the Break Out Artist Award in the Teen Division. This is not

an easy feat. Alyssa is now qualified to compete at The Dance Awards for Dancer of the Year.

Lauren received the Standout Scholarship. This award is given to dancers by a specific faculty

member to a dancer that excels in a particular style. Lauren received the award in Hip Hop.

Congratulations girls!

Artistry also attended NRG Dance Project this season.This is a dance competition and convention that brings unique energy and lots of fun to the students. Dancers Brianna Szczebak and Malea Butler attended and did very well. Bri performed her very first solo and we could not be prouder of how well she did. Malea performed two solos and danced beautifully. The girls scored great and took home a gold and two high golds. It was an exciting weekend of classes featuring industry leading choreographers. We were thankful for a positive experience and our time spent with NRG Dance Project.

Bellamoxi Dance Convention was also a fantastic weekend for Artistry. Besides dancing

beautifully at the solo competition and scoring very well, Lauren Duenas and Alyssa Scarpiniti enjoyed the faculty and classes. Alyssa took home two very prestigious scholarships including the Faculty Scholarship which is awarded to dancers who embrace the best work ethic, skill, and attitude in classes throughout the weekend. Alyssa was also awarded the Broadway Dance Center Scholarship which allows her to be on scholarship at this prestigious New York City studio. We are so proud.

In May, Artistry dancers attended In10sity Dance Competition and Midwest Starz here locally in St. Charles. At In10sity, our teen and senior soloists did a wonderful job in the highest competitive category all receiving High Golds. Alyssa Scarpiniti received a Judges award for her passionate performance and technique. Our Little Artist, Arabella Suarez, did a great job on her first solo performance ever. She received High Gold and 5th overall. Artistry trio Down received a High Gold in the highest competitive category as well. Midwest Starz was a great weekend for our two dancers that competed. Alyssa's solo received a Platinum in the highest competitive category and our Little Artist Arabella received a High Gold and first overall in the Debut category.

As we look forward to whats to come, Artistry will continue to share these rich convention

experiences with our dancers. Stay tuned to hear what challenging dance conventions and competitions Artistry Dance & Co. will be attending in the 2017 - 2018 season.

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